Artificial Intelligence (AI) Virtual Assistant Software

Braina (Brain Artificial) is an intelligent personal assistant, human language interface, automation and voice recognition software for Windows PC. Braina allows you to interact with your computer using voice commands in English language. Braina also allows you to accurately convert speech to text in over 100 different languages of the world.

Braina makes it possible for you to control your computer using natural language commands and makes your life easier. Braina is not a Siri or Cortana clone for PC but rather a powerful personal and office productivity software. It isn't just like a chat-bot; its priority is to be super functional and to help you in doing tasks. You can either type commands or speak to it and Braina will understand what you want to do. Moreover, using Braina's Android App or iOS App you can interact with your computer from anywhere in your house over a WiFi network!


Braina helps you do things you do everyday. It is a multi-functional artificial intelligence software that provides a single window environment to control your computer and perform wide range of tasks using voice commands. It can take a dictation (speech to text), search information on the Internet, it can play the songs you want to hear, it can open or search files on your computer, it can set alarms and reminders, it can do mathematical calculations, remember notes for you, automate various computer tasks, read ebooks and much more.

Artificial Brain

Braina is a result of solid research work done in the field of artificial intelligence. We are working to make Braina a digital assistant that can understand, think and even learn from experience like a human brain. Braina does language understanding and learns from conversation.


Artificial Brain


Braina is a speech recognition software that converts your voice into text in any website and software (e.g., MS Word, Notepad etc.). It supports more than 100 different languages and accents of the world including English, German, Hindi, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and more. It's fast, easy and accurate, helping you become more productive than ever before.


Play Songs and Videos

Play songs and videos using voice commands. Braina can search songs and videos both on your local drives and online platforms such as SoundClound, YouTube etc. You can also control the media playback and volume.
Play Hips Don't Lie
Play Akon
Play Euphoria
Search song blues
Play video Thriller
Search egg recipes on Youtube


Control PC wirelessly via Android Device

Braina's Android app converts your Android smartphone or tablet into a wireless microphone to command Braina on your PC over a Wifi network. This means you don't need to sit in front of your computer to do tasks. For example, you can remotely command Braina to play songs from any place in your house. You can relax in your arm-chair and give voice commands to play your favorite songs.


Text to Speech

Braina can read text aloud naturally. You can listen to e-books, emails, webpage content etc. You can even select different voices and adjust the reading speed.


Braina is a brilliant mathematician and a talking calculator. Ask your math problem and Braina will speak the answer back to you. Braina can solve problems of Arithmetic, Trigonometry, Powers & Roots, Prime Numbers, Percentage, Divisors, Set Theory, Mathematical definition and much more.
1 - 2 + 3 - 4 + 5 - 6 + 7 - 8 + 9 - 10
(10*2 + 5*4) / (10 - 2)
Square root of 64
Is 31 a prime number?
$2400 + 15%
Is 7654 divisible by 43?


Search Information

Find information about any person, place or thing from various online resources. Quickly perform searches on search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.
Find information on Parkinson's disease
Tell me something about Her movie
Search Real Madrid score on Google
Search for Albert Einstein on Wikipedia
Who is Johnny Depp?
Find Pizza restaurants near me
Show map of USA
Show images of cute puppies


Dictionary and Thesaurus

Find definitions, antonyms, synonyms etc. of any word. It can also define medical terms.
Define horripilation
What is intelligence?
Synonyms of shrewd
Antonyms of good
Words containing Apple


Search/Open Files, Folders, Websites, Programs and Special Locations

Open files, programs, websites, folders, games etc quickly. Braina also allows you to search files and folders 10 times faster on your PC.
Search file awesome
Search folder music
Open notepad
Open task manager
Open my computer
Open control panel
Open network connections
Open system information
Open mouse properties
Open Facebook
Open E drive


Automate Key-presses

Create Keyboard macros and automate keystrokes. Almost any repetitive tasks that can be performed using keyboard can be automated. Braina can be used for applications or web pages that needs you to sit and press keys to achieve your goals such as games. You can automate power point presentations, play games, automate webcams, refresh webpages, automatically fill forms in webpages etc.


Custom Commands, Replies & Hotkeys

Create your own customized voice commands and replies. You can also define hotkeys (also known as shortcut keys or keyboard shortcut) to automatically trigger a custom command action (such as launching a software, website, keyboard macro etc.)



Note down To-Do items, chat conversations, memos, website snippets, website bookmarks, contacts, ideas and other things.
Note I have given 550 dollars to John
Recall John


Alarm and Reminders

Braina adds alarm functionality to your PC, letting you create multiple alarms that can wake you up or remind you when it's time to do something.
Set alarm at 7:30 am
Remind me to visit the doctor on 15th August at 11 am


News, Weather and Time Information

Find current time and weather information for any city of the world. See news on any subject.
Show news about Obama
How is the weather in London?
What is the time in Paris?


Window Control

Braina has various built-in commands that allows you to interact with any application window.
Maximize Window
Minimize Window
Close Window
Switch to notepad
Scroll down
Scroll up
Close notepad


Find today's and upcoming events happening in any city of the world!
Today's events in Dubai

Startup Command

Trigger actions on computer startup and save your time. For example, Braina can open a set of frequently visited websites by you automatically on computer startup.



Make Skype calls
Shutdown computer remotely
Jokes and Quotes
Change Braina's name - Give any name to Braina assistant. Give it name of artificial intelligence characters such as Jarvis (IronMan), HAL, Samantha (Her movie) or anything you wish.
Voice Control PowerPoint Presentation and much more.

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