Startup Command

Startup Command allows you to specify a command that gets executed automatically when Braina is started. Braina generally gets started when you start your computer and you can thus make a creative and productive use of the startup command feature. For example, you may specify a command to open a set of frequently visited websites by you automatically on computer startup.

A tutorial on how to use startup command feature is as follows:

  1. Go to Tools menu -> Startup Commands
  2. startup command
  3. Now we will create a startup command that starts the speech recognition automatically when Braina starts. To do this we will enter "Start Listening" (without quotes) in the field where it asks to enter the command to be executed on startup as shown in image below:
  4. start listening startup command
  5. Click OK. Done.

The startup command has been created now. Similarly you can create any other command. For example, if you want Braina to open Facebook and Google on startup then you can specify "Open Facebook and Open Google" (without quotes) as a startup command.

If you wish to remove the startup command, just go to Tools menu -> Startup Command, clear the command and click on OK button.