Artificial Brain

Braina works like an artificial brain. The aim of Braina (Brain Artificial) project is to develop a software with cognitive abilities similar to those of the human brain so that it can understand human language, think, infer, reason and learn..

Braina does language understanding and learns facts from conversation. It can also remember and recall the factual information which it has learned before as shown below:

Artificial Brain Software

Deleting Information

Any information can be deleted from the artificial brain by negating it as shown below:

Removing information from Artificial Brain

Braina is an infant and can only understand simple English language at present. It may get confused if you use complex sentences. Try to communicate with Braina in a brief, precise and simple way.

Learn from File

You can make Braina learn information from file using "Learn from File" feature. Braina can learn from plain text files containing simple statements. BrainaBase is a child project of Braina where you will be able to find files that you can teach Braina.


To use "Learn from File" feature, go to Tools menu -> Learn from File or simply press Ctrl+L. Select the file from which you want make Braina learn and click on OK. For example, download this file which lists capital of all countries of the world and make Braina learn it. Now ask it the capital of any country (e.g., Which is the capital of New Zealand?) and Braina will correctly answer it.