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Customized Virtual Assistant

A conversational agent can provide a unique, interactive, and personal way for users to get answers and assistance on your products and business. A user simply chats with the virtual assistant (or chatbot) which acts as a guide, providing answers, guiding them in their shopping decisions, and seamlessly escalating your sales. read more >>

Intelligent Tutoring System

An intelligent tutoring system (ITS) aims to provide immediate and customized instruction or feedback to learners. Students learn concepts and skills more quickly when they receive step-by-step instruction. Brainasoft can develop customized intelligent tutoring systems that provide the benefits of one-on-one training automatically.

Decision Support

Intelligent decision support systems help people assess situations, analyse information, and make predictions or decisions in various areas such as planning and design. These systems apply the knowledge of experts, encoded as heuristic rules, computational models, or experiences.

Accessibility Solutions

People with disabilities continue to face challenges in accessing the full range of opportunities available to people without disabilities. Our assistive technology system with universal design can help overcome these barriers for people with disabilities.

Knowledge Management & Discovery

Our knowledge management systems captures the knowledge as rules, models, and case bases of previously encountered situations and solutions. These knowledge repositories helps the company management to analyse situations, diagnose and repair problems, and design products and processes more quickly and consistently. Our knowledge discovery systems extract valuable knowledge from large databases and help people conduct comprehensive online research.

Natural Language Interface and Home Automation

Provide your users with a natural language interface that works with your service. Home Automation through natural language voice commands can facilitate control of common appliances found in a home and offices, such as lights, air conditioners, access control, music systems and other devices. read more >>

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