About Brainasoft

Brainasoft is into development of distinct and innovative products. Our areas of interest for software development include artificial intelligence, data security and human-computer interfaces. Utilizing the technological knowledge and area expertise, the highly-skilled team members at Brainasoft are constantly working on various next generation technologies like GCLI (Graphical Command Line Interface), HLI (Human Language Interface), HLP (Human Language Programming) etc. and contributing by developing high quality applications. We are different because we do distinct things differently to create a better future.

Our Skills

Brainasoft has built its reputation and developed its expertise over the past 5 years in the field of artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction. Brainasoft's flagship product i.e. Braina is the world’s best intelligent assistant software for Windows PC.

Data Mining & Knowledge Base

Natural Language Processing

Machine Learning

Human-Computer Interfaces