Interested in providing your users with a natural language interface that works with your service? Check out various solutions and customization we provide.

Braina for TV

Braina for TV allows users to browse channels, search for favorite shows and movies, and more - all with simple, voice commands. If you are a TV manufacturer or if you are interested in learning about our TV solutions, please contact us.

Braina for Automobile

Braina is available as both an embedded solution and/or part of a smartphone's in-car ecosystem. Either way, Braina can bring all the features of a virtual assistant into the cabin of a car and can provide hands free experience to the user. Please contact us to learn more.

Home Automation

Braina can facilitate control of common appliances found in a home and offices, such as lights, air conditioners, access control, music systems and other devices. Please contact us if you are interested in collaboration.

Customize Braina

Yes, we can tailor Braina to your needs. Braina can become a conversational agent providing a unique, interactive, and personal way for users to get answers and assistance on your products and business. Learn more.