Mouse Automation Macros

Braina can be used as a macro software to automate various tasks. It can be moving mouse to a specific position on the screen, clicking a button, pressing your keyboard keys. Braina's mouse automation macro feature allows you to write your own advanced and sophisticated macro script for play back.

You can automate all kinds of repetitive tasks with this macro program such as auto-filling of forms, report generation, software testing, system maintenance, auto-login to your online accounts, use it as an auto-clicker or auto-refresher, create tutorials and presentations and much more.

Mouse Automation Commands

Move mouse at <x-coordinate>,<y-coordinate>
Moves mouse pointer at the specified position on the screen.
Move mouse at 750, 500

Mouse position
Useful to find the mouse coordinates to be used with the mouse move command.
After giving this command, mouse your mouse pointer to the position for which you want to find the the coordinates.
Press Esc key to exit the command.

Left click or click
To automate left mouse button click.

Right click
To automate right mouse button click

Double click
To automate left mouse button double click.

Note: To perform a click on a specific position on screen, you can combine the commands as follows:
Move mouse at 700, 625. Click.