Windows Command Prompt Enhancement

FireCMD (short for Fire Command) is an enhanced command line environment for Windows operating system which makes interacting with your computer both user-friendly and powerful. It provides a set of tools such as command prompt alternative i.e. FireCMD command shell, terminal emulator for Windows (Console emulator), text editor, UNIX for Windows, 218 new commands, snapshot grabber and much more.

FireCMD allows you to run multiple command line or console applications simultaneously in tabbed windows, including the CMD.exe (Command Prompt), Bash, PowerShell, Cygwin, Oracle SQL*Plus etc. Moreover, it provides FireTXT text editor which unlike Notepad allows to edit multiple text files simultaneously. This can prove quite useful for programmers as they can edit source code of programming/scripting languages such as Java, C/C++, batch script, perl etc. in one tab and compile/run them in another tab.

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FireCMD is the perfect Windows command prompt alternative for developers and system administrators. Check out the FireCMD and CMD.exe Comparision.

FireCMD user interface


FireCMD command shell has following unique features which makes it a next generation command line interpreter:

It has some super cool internal commands such as echohtml, lst, path, open, prompt etc.

FireCMD also provides a virtual UNIX environment on Windows and allows to use UNIX commands and shell scripts in Windows.

FireCMD's console emulator (terminal emulator) feature allows users to run any 32 or 64 bit console applications and batch scripts in an intuitive window. It provides a facility to run multiple command prompts or console programs simultaneously using tabs. Running a console program or command interpreters like Windows command prompt (cmd), Windows PowerShell etc. in FireCMD's console emulator environment gives users the following benefits:

  1. Users can customize font family, font size, font color and font style (bold, italics).
  2. Users can customize background color and background image.
  3. Allows users to resize window easily and also provides full screen mode.
  4. Allows users to save command line sessions/program output.
  5. User friendly text-selection and copy-paste.
  6. Options for initial directory, arguments and startup command.
  7. Users can quickly zoom in and zoom out.
  8. Take snapshot.
  9. Search text in console.

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FireCMD makes human-computer interaction easier and user-friendly. FireCMD is an innovative product which provides a new interface called GCLI (Graphical Command Line Interface). GCLI is both powerful and user-friendly interface as it combines the features of CLI (Command Line Interface) and GUI (Graphical User Interface).

FireCMD also provides an integrated text editor called FireTXT. It has features like:

  • Multiple Copy-Paste
  • Customizable Font Color
  • Customizable Background
  • Understands both Windows(CRLF) and UNIX(LF) line endings.
  • Find and Replace