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FireCMD is an advance command interpreter for Windows operating system. In fact, it is not just a command shell but a software package containing a set of tools such as command shell, console emulator, text editor and various other bundled programs.

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Braina is an artificial intelligence(AI) software that is currently under developmental stage. It perform many tasks when asked in natural language and serves as a virtual assistant that helps you perform various operations quickly.

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"Conjurers Encrypter delivers what it promises and a lot more and due to this reason alone it is hailed as the next big thing!". -


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Brainasoft is a leading software development company. We are mainly into development of distinct and innovative products. Our areas of interest for software development include data and computer security, artificial intelligence and human-computer interfaces.

Utilizing the technological knowledge and area expertise, the highly-skilled team members at Brainasoft are constantly working on various next generation technologies like GCLI (Graphical Command Line Interface), HLI (Human Language Interface), HLP (Human Language Programming) etc. and contributing by developing high quality applications. We are different because we do distinct things differently to create a better future.